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      210 N. 6th Street Terre Haute, IN  47809, 812.237.5555
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Lost and Found
The Lost and Found Department is a service provided by the ISU Police Department. The ISU Police Department is located in the Public Safety building at 210 N 6th St., Terre Haute, IN 47809.

Inquiry options:
     Browse the found items on the website by clicking below
     Walk-in inquiries at the ISU Police Department
     Call the Dispatch Center at 812-237-5555

Items lost during the current month can be picked up any time at the ISU Police Dispatch Center located in the lobby of the Public Safety Building.

Items that were lost prior to the current month are placed in storage and must be inquired about Monday - Friday during business hours: 7am until 3pm.

The ISU Dispatch Center attempts to contact owners of items that have some form of identification. Dispatchers contact owners via telephone or a letter which is sent to the most current address available. Items that have been in the lost and found storage for 30 days are donated or destroyed.

To report a lost item click here and fill out the form. If an item is located matching your description, the dispatch center will contact you.

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